Where we invest - MUSIC and AV

We invest in exceptional teams with big ideas and are looking for companies with physical products coupled with software which will enable a long-lasting customer relationship and reoccurring revenue business models.

We work with startups building music and audio related products, services and content. This includes technologies related to hardware such as smart speakers and but not limited to smart-AV solutions, audio recording, production, music-distribution, marketing and content, as well as any other technology or process innovation that could serve any component of the music and audio industry.

NMK Ventures Is For Startups Working On

  • New hardware products or software in the audio space
  • New music experiences for home, venue, festival, mobile and connected devices
  • Music creation, collaboration and sharing
  • Direct to consumer marketing, ticketing and e- commerce
  • Data-mining and machine learning for audio and music
  • IoT and networking
  • Event and crowd safety

Where we don't invest

We are looking for companies focusing on the music and AV industry, so if you are entering a different area of focus and with no global reach, chances are we will probably not invest. Given that these might all be reasonable investments, they are not our area of focus.